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Edward Iris

The world isn't a black and white place that said the concepts of "Better" and "Worse" certainly exist in our world. So what were left with is a complex mess, such is life I suppose. What I want to do is explore this crazy world of ours, through my writings and adventures. There are a lot of important discussions to be had and ideas to be consider in our current age and I would like for this to be a place for these things to happen.

This Website will function as my Author Platform, a place for my Articles, and lastly for any other projects / things going on in my life.

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About Me

Edward Iris: another 20-something who thinks he knows shit about the world. I'm open-minded nearly to a fault and love to overthink life, and yes these traits certainly go together.

Edward Iris was born and raised in Alberta Canada. Some of my interests that I'll be writing about on here are: Environmentalism, Philosophy, Self-Improvement, Politics, Activism, and the pursuit of the Good Life.

Away from writing I enjoy spending time with my Friends, Reading, Boxing, MMA, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Simply Being Outdoors.

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